Jada Polglase


Minnesotan turned Kiwi that’s still trying to work out what that looks like, but in the meantime I love seeing where God is leading Grace Church and being a part of what that looks like on Sunday mornings. 2017 has some exciting things in store and I can’t wait to see where the Holy Spirit and our amazing Sunday service team takes us!

Favourite Scripture: How can you pick just one?!

Relaxation:  Endless DIY projects, reading, gardening, hiking, kayaking.

Interesting fact: I moved a number of times as a kid, and one house came with a llama - his name was King Louie and he loved crab apples, carrots, and thistle flowers and would come spronging across a field for them. Funniest sight ever!

Jada is married to her Kiwi husband,Tony

Office Hours/Contact: Tuesday (variable hours), jada@gracechurch.co.nz