Grace Church Staff

Meet Our Team

Peter Somervell


30 years ago I found Jesus (or rather He found me) and I haven't looked back since. I love serving God and His people, and Grace Church is a great place to do that in. I'm convinced the primary way God grows His church is by means of His Word, empowered by His Spirit; and I have a great team of elders and staff

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Sean Young


I'm Sean and I have the privilege of serving the Lord as the Youth Pastor here at Grace. My journey to this ministry has taken me to some amazing places including serving with the Army in Bosnia, a PE degree at Otago University and a 15 year career with the New Zealand Police.

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Rochelle McLean


Kiwi by birth, Dutch by decent, I love my roots and serving where God has planted me in this season. Nine years ago God grabbed my heart through a brush with cancer. He never let go of me and I've never let go of Him! I love to see people grow in their understanding of who God is and all that He enables us to do through His Spirit.

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Francelle Somervell


While I was studying at university, I met some Christians who spoke to me about a God who was both all-powerful, and yet a deeply knowable, personal God. Having been raised in a non-religious family, this concept of God was astounding. I didn’t know much, but I knew that I wanted a personal relationship with the God of the universe.

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Jada Polglase


Minnesotan turned Kiwi that’s still trying to work out what that looks like, but in the meantime I love seeing where God is leading Grace Church and being a part of what that looks like on Sunday mornings. 2017 has some exciting things in store and I can’t wait to see where the Holy Spirit and our amazing Sunday service team

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Leanne Ford


I can now officially call myself a Nelsonian, having lived here longer than my time growing up in Auckland. God has been central to my life since my early teenage years and I love serving him in whatever ways He has enabled me. God’s love is offered to everyone, and it is an incredible privilege that he would use us, His people,

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Annette Nistor


I'm married to my husband Paul and we have three awesome sons - all living away from home. We came to Grace Church 16 years ago and wanted to attend a church in our community that our sons could be involved in. Paul and I both became Christians at Otago University and we attended

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Linda Gill


My role at Grace is to manage the day to day finances… there’s just no witty way of putting it!! It’s a privilege to be part of the staff team and to witness first hand God’s faithfulness to His church. My ministry passion is Pinnacle House - serving those in our local community who have very high special needs.

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